Why It's LEGIT.

  • Processed Fish food is like a burnt steak...

    Imagine leaving a steak on the BBQ for 12 hours... Would you still eat it?

    Covered in Ash, destroyed protein, fat and other vital components that are key to proper fish nutrition...

  • High-temp processing is a common practice

    This is what creates the high levels of Ash (un-burnt filler material) and contributes to denatured ingredients (your fish have to use more energy to maintain their health).

  • Check Your favorite fish foods label

    Chances are, you'll see Ash at around 15% and moisture (just water) at 10%. If Ash is not listed, it's probably for a reason... This means ~25%+ of each pinch you feed is unusable to your fish and just ends up as more waste in your tank!

    The reason why most our competitors have these numbers is because:

    1.) Cheap ingredients and fillers like bone-in animal meals

    2.) They use traditional high temperature processing that creates excess Ash and destroys its vital components.

  • LEGIT Fish food is different!

    Using a Patented proprietary technology, paired with high end all natural ingredients, our pellets have the lowest Ash and moisture content on the market.

    Ash max 7%

    Moisture max 5%

    Because of this, paired with the superior molecular integrity of LEGIT's proteins, lipids, vitamins, etc. You can feed less LEGIT and have healthier fish!

  • loaded PE Mysis Shrimp

    A primary ingredient, (PE Mysis) is harvested sustainably- These shrimp are an invasive species that threatens the native wildlife in lakes where it's found.

    Upon harvest, these shrimp are LOADED with phytoplankton adding to their already nutritionally rich profile.

    Protein min. 45%

    Fat min. 9% (rich in Omega-3, 6)

    Fiber max. 2%

  • Feeding Legit. ---> LESS waste = Clear, safe water

    All natural, bio-available nutrition

    Because our foods don't reach the typical high temperatures during the manufacturing process, LEGIT's nutritional content is unparalleled.

    This means a higher percentage of amino acids (protein) are utilized by your fish and less is excreted as waste (Ammonia-nitrogen, etc.)

  • Ask around, It's Legit.

    Every time you sprinkle some LEGIT. in your tank, you can rest assured you're providing the best possible nutrition for your fish.

    The results are:

    Less sickness, better colors and more breeding.

    Don't forget that each bag you purchase, we give back to our amazing hobby. Learn more below.

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