We Created The Least Processed Fish Food Pellet Ever Made!

The Power Of Mysis Shrimp

Naturally high in protein and omega-3 fatty acids, our freshwater Mysis shrimp makes for the perfect fish super food! 

Made Differently...

LEGIT. Fish Food never reaches the high temperatures that would destroy its valuable ingredients. Not the same can be said about other popular brands...

Perfect Sizing (No More Finger Grinding)

We knew you were tired of smelly fingers, so we made our pellets the perfect size for all your fish! 

Sustainability First

From the collection of Mysis shrimp (invasive organism) to the support of Project Piaba, LEGIT. Fish Food is on a mission to keep fish keeping alive! 

All Natural, Premium Ingredients

Most fish food brands are made by giant multi-national companies with one goal in mind- Profit. These companies do whatever they can to reduce costs which means they use sub par ingredients that ultimately aren't good for your fish. 

LEGIT. uses a premium grade, sustainable, de-boned fish meal and Mysis shrimp to help reduce Ash and promote easy digestion and gut health. Rest assured there are no artificial fillers, preservatives or dyes are found in our food. Just clean, healthy nutrition for your fish!

Low-Temp Processing

The typical process for making a fish food pellet or flake involves extremely high temperatures (200C +). This exposure leads to the degradation of nutrients and ultimately leads to a poor quality food (think highly processed / junk foods).

LEGIT. partnered with Piscine Energetics (PE) to manufacture our premium freshwater pellets. PE has been supplying public aquariums and fish farms with their dry foods and frozen Mysis shrimp for years. 

Our foods never reach the temperatures required to destroy it's superior nutritional value! LEGIT. is made by way of a proprietary low-temp extrusion process that keeps its ingredients as bioavailable as possible. 

Giving Back To The Hobby

Before we even started LEGIT, we knew we wanted to have a positive impact on the aquarium hobby.  It's why we chose the Mysis shrimp as a primary ingredient and it's why we decided to support Project Piaba.

We have decided to donate ~5% of our profits from every bag of food sold on our website in order to support Project Piaba. 

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