Supporting Our Hobby

  • support the hobby by feeding your fish!

    Every bag of LEGIT Fish Food you purchase, we donate a portion of the profits to Project Piaba.

    How does Project Piaba help support the aquarium industry?

  • First,

    Where do our fish come from?

    Many commonly kept fish species cannot be bred in captivity, thus are collected from nature. This becomes a sustainable livelihood for thousands of people living near the waterways of the Amazon rainforest.

    This process has proven to be sustainable for over 40 years, meaning the removal of select fish species has not caused numbers to drop or have any negative impact on the environment.

    Wild-caught fish are also required to sustain healthy genetics within captive bred fish populations.

  • The ethical collection of tropical fish species.

    Project Piaba's focus is not just on fish, but also the people who collect them and their environment.

    Instead of extensive farming and subsequent de-forestation, residents of the Reo-Negro River Basin have been sustainably collecting ornamental fish for generations. Their support is paramount in the longevity of our hobby.

    Project Piabas main efforts include:

    * Teaching new handling techniques and health management of collected species.

    * Expanding education on the importance of utilizing wild caught fish species.

    *Conducting field surveys to ensure sustainable harvesting

    * Supporting the revitalization of this once very prosperous industry.

  • Get involved!

    All you have to do to get involved is try our food! LEGIT's goal is to grow our brand and also grow our contributions.

    This year (2024) we've set the goal of donating 5% of net profits from each bag we sell on our webstore.

    Most people who have aquariums say it's positively impacted their life. It sure has for us. That's why we've decided to go this route and thank you for your support!

  • Support the Aquarium industry and the planet it started on.

    Scroll down to start helping our mission, or visit Project Piabas website to learn more or donate directly to their cause.

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