LEGIT. Nano Fish Food - #1 Best Nano Fish Food

Choosing the best fish food can make all the difference when it comes to your fishes coloration, well-being and activity! We were tired of feeding our fish the same, poor quality foods that were making them sluggish, not as brightly colored and overall not healthy.

That's why we created LEGIT. Fish Food, the worlds best nano fish food that's focused on fish health and longevity!

More Colorful, Active Fish

freshwater fish before eating the best fish food
fish after eating the best fish food

Why It's LEGIT.

✅ Fresh Mysis Shrimp 

✅ Low-Temp Processing

✅ No Junk Fillers

healthy fish eating legit fish food

✅ Highly Digestible

✅ Focus On Sustainability

✅ Gives Back To Non-Profit

Try Feeding LEGIT. Nano Fish Food Pellets And See The Difference In Your Fish!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Our fish love this! The bites are small enough for even guppy fry to enjoy. I love the limited ingredients. As someone who makes their own cat food I feel like this as as close to that as I can get with our fish food.” -Chris

How The Best Fish Food Is Made

No high temperatures! 🔥🔥🔥 LEGIT. Fish Food is made with a proprietary low-temperature extrusion that does not destroy its proteins, healthy fats and vitamins.

This fact, paired with the extremely nutritious nature of Mysis shrimp makes LEGIT. Fish Food one of the best options for all of your freshwater fish!

✅NO Cheap Ingredients

✅Small, Fresh Batches 

✅Sustainability From Harvest ➡ Aquarium 

SEE the LEGITNESS for yourself!

LEGIT's comprehensive, bioavailable nutrition is just another reason why it's one of the best nano fish food pellets on the market. Additionally, our food:

🍤 Naturally attracts fish (Mysis shrimp)

🐟 Provides extra nutrition for color and breeding

♻️ Has the lowest Ash content to promote digestion

🌎 Gives ~5% profit to Project Piaba (non-profit)

-LEGIT. Nano Fish Food is a mixture of pellets sized 0.45 to 0.75 mm

This food is perfect for hobbyists with a variety of nano fish. Our customers feed Nano to: Galaxy Rasboras, Minows, Guppies, Chili Rasboras, small Tetras and even fry!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "This is a great size for my Celestial Pearls and Endlers. It breaks easily enough for the fry too.” -Austin

More Info About LEGIT. Nano Fish Food

No more smelly finger grinding! Our Nano pellets are specifically designed to be the perfect size for tiny fish and even fry! Most all of the nano food will stay a float in your aquarium and eventually sink over a long period of time. 

➡ Uses a high-quality, sustainable deboned fish meal to eliminate bones from the final product. When's the last time you saw a fish eat another fishes skeleton? 

➡ LEGIT's pellets have the lowest moisture content on the market. This adds to it's nutrient density and also makes it last longer on your shelf.  

Not only is the harvest of Mysis shrimp (invasive species) beneficial to the local environment, our contributions to Project Piaba help secure the longevity and future sustainability of the Amazon River Basin and aquarium hobby in general.


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