The Best Pellet Food For Your Betta Fish

Best betta fish food


Bettas are one of the most popular pet fish at the moment. They are beautiful, regal, and exotic, making them a perfect addition to any household. However, betta fish aren’t as simple to care for compared to other common freshwater fish. Betta care is more complex than feeding your fish and changing the water once in a while. 

You need to be careful about what you feed them and how much. This is where picking the highest quality food possible will help making their care much easier! If you have a betta fish at home or are thinking of getting one soon, then read on to find out more about the best pellet food for your betta fish.


Your new betta fish needs more than just a bowl to survive. Adding a small submersible heater to keep the water temp in the upper 70's is a vital piece of the puzzle that many new fish keepers overlook.

Avoiding a tiny 1-gallon fish bowl is also important. Betta fish don't need a ton of room to be happy and healthy, but you don't want to keep them in something anywhere close to how you see them in commercial pet stores. We recommend at least a 5 gallon aquarium or bowl for your new Betta fish.

Adding live plants will help your betta fish and your aquariums water quality out tremendously. Keeping live plants doesn't have to be hard: Easy plants for a Betta tank can include Water Sprite, Moss balls, Java fern and Rotala indica. Simple floating plants like Duckweed and Salvinia can drastically reduce nitrogen levels and help keep your betta tank safe.

Even if you hit all the major points above, feeding your Betta a poor diet will still cause big problems with their health. Live foods are a good option, but most fishkeepers are not capable of the time and energy required to do this long term. 

Lots of pellets and flake foods on the market are not of high quality and if fed for a long period of time or in excess can cause your water to reach un-safe levels quickly. Pair this with your fish being generally unhealthy, you have a recipe for disaster!     

Betta fish care overview

What's the Best Pellet Food for Betta Fish?

Fish food pellets are a common choice because they're the most convenient. Most pellets contain the appropriate balance of protein, fat and carbohydrates your betta needs. 

Unfortunately, most pellet foods are over processed and made with cheap ingredients despite what the label says... Most all of the common, popular foods for Betta's are made in the same way: Heated up to several hundreds of degrees and injected with steam. This results in your bettas food having less nutrients and being more like fast food than a well-balanced, healthy meal. Feed this type of food for long enough, and your fish will ultimately suffer.  

Instead, try a food that is made in a smarter way, with lower temperatures designed to lock in nutrients and simulates a raw diet but in pellet form. Hint- There's only one brand that does this, more on that soon.

Why Should You Feed Your Betta Fish Pellets?

best betta fish pellets

Bettas are carnivorous fish, which means they need protein in their diet. They eat insects and algae as a natural part of their diet in the wild, but in the home aquarium, they only have access to the latter. Live food or high quality pellets are an excellent way to provide your betta with all the nutrients it needs. 

Flake foods are another type of common fish food, however, most bettas seem to ignore them. Pellets seem to mimic a real life source of food which is why most betta owners choose this type.

Convenience is also a big reason. It's easy to just sprinkle in a few pellets and watch your fish eat. Other types of food like frozen or freeze dried worms are messy and can cause problems if you feed too much.

Live foods should not be ignored! Blackworms and Daphnia are a great option if your local fish store has some cultures. Try feeding them those every once in a while to keep your Betta active, happy and healthy.

healthy betta fish food is the best choice

Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a Good Pellet Food For Bettas

Betta fish originate from the flooded rice fields of Thailand where they are usually surrounded by insects both aquatic and terrestrial. As a result, betta fish have a high demand for protein which you can achieve with a high quality pellet food. So, what should you be looking for when buying pellets for your fish? 

First and foremost, make sure the pellet is the correct sizing for bettas. This will ensure that your fish will be able to consume the food. When food is too big, fish including bettas will often spit it back out. Figuring this out might be a little tricky depending on the size of your fish. Luckily we have a great suggestion for you soon.

Second, you want to make sure you are providing the highest quality food possible! You are what you eat after all :) 

Imagine swimming around in your waste all day... Would you rather eat fast food or a well-balanced, healthy meal? 

Ideally, you want to feed a low waste producing food, one that your fish can use the majority of for growth an maintain it's health. Problem is, most foods on the market are not such. Many popular pellets have a high percentage of Ash and unusable fillers. These components can cause digestion problems and ultimately bad outcomes if fed in excess...

Betta fish can be very sensitive to changes in their environment so it's important to monitor your fish's behavior especially when it's feeding time.

healthy betta fish in small aquarium

Our Pick of The Best Betta Food

As avid fishkeepers, we have used a wide variety of fish foods over the years. Before we started LEGIT. Fish Food, we used all the same stuff you do. Once we learned about proper fish nutrition and the horrors of the pet food industry, we knew we needed to help make a change.

LEGIT Fish Food's Community pellets make an superb Betta fish food! The Community blend is a comprehensive pellet that meets the needs of most all freshwater fish including Bettas. Our Community food consists of a range of pellet sizes, all of which are perfect for Bettas in different life stages.

Legit fish food is a great choice for betta fish

Our proprietary method for low-temperature processing results in the most bioavailable pellet food on the market. This means that with every pinch, your fish gets more nutrition and energy than any other brand. This results in your fish having more energy to devote to coloration, breeding and being active! All the things you want!

Sustainability and giving back are also very important to us. To achieve this, LEGIT Fish Food has made a promise to give back to the aquarium hobby by supporting Project Piaba, one of the only fishkeeping specific non-profits. 

Using a combination of the freshwater Mysis shrimp and deboned, sustainable fish meal helps to reduce and actually benefit the environment. Most companies make use of cheap, unsustainable animal meals that do the opposite. LEGIT Fish Food is a different type of fish food brand, one that's trying to change the industry for the better. You can learn more about the specifics of our mission here.  

Final Thoughts on Betta Pellets

Betta fish, just like most freshwater fish, will likely eat whatever pellet you put in their tank. At the end of the day, It's fairly uncommon for a fish not to accept food you try and give them as long as the sizing is correct. 

We want fishkeepers to think twice about feeding just any food. Think about where it comes from and how it's made. Is your current food helping or hurting the environment and the fishkeeping hobby? The quality of you fish food is extremely important when it comes to how your fish will behave and ultimately how much waste your fish will be surrounded by. 

The best pellets for a betta fish are of course made with highest-quality ingredients possible, in the best way possible. If you’re going to feed your pet, then you should make sure the ingredients are nutritious and will give them the energy they need to explore their surroundings and live a happy, healthy life. That's what LEGIT Fish Food aims to do. 


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